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Valle Stretta

Geographically the "Valle Stretta" valley is part of the Po river basin, is the most western part of this basin and then in the Italian Alps.
After the peace treaty of 1947 became part of French territory and was aggregated to the municipality of Névache.

The valley extends for about 10 km (from Mount Thabor to Pian del Colle) and employs over 40 sq. km and for more than half of its course is recessed in a narrow furrow, from which the name of narrow valley.

Rather bitter down the valley refines beyond the limits of the forest, with wide grasslands crossed by numerous courses of water, and dotted with lakes and ponds and waterfalls.

The "Valle Stretta" is therefore a valley with high specificity in landscape and naturalistic and high environmental quality, dovel human impact is made to feel a little.

For what concerns the hiking, the valley in summer it offers a vast network of paths with different characteristics and difficulties.

Numerous excursions are possible starting from the Hut "Re Magi".


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